Matera, what to see, where to eat and to sleep

matera dormire nei sassi

This article is about my experience in Matera, Basilicata,

with practical information about its must see, where to eat and where to sleep.

One day is sufficient to visit this enchanting town, but i suggest you to stay almost one night, to enjoy its beauty with the sun and the moon 🙂

Matera, Basilicata – What to see

Matera is like a wonderful open-air museum, UNESCO heritage since 1993 for its ‘Sassi’ and European capital of culture 2019.
The ‘Sassi’ are two: the ‘Sasso Barisano’ and the ‘Sasso Caveoso’. Inside, they enclose the districts.

Being a weekday, we had no problems to park, because there were only a few people and the local administration permitted us to leave the car inside the ‘Sassi area’.
However, there is a large parking lot and I also saw some campers parked in Piazza Postergola or Pistola.

Matera looks like a giant crib! I suggest you to see the ‘Sassi’ in every corner, because every corner is different and reserves stunning views of the surrounding valley, on some private courtyards, on stairways, arches and squares …. In short, Matera is fantastic, a bit like Rome, because wherever you turn, everything is in harmony with the rest! Do you know that it was considered the shame of Italy? It seems really incredible!

The best view is from the balcony next to the Church of San Domenico, but you won’t be wrong because the road will lead you right there.
Get the map of the city and follow the various itineraries proposed, they are all worth the trip. You can also find it by clicking on this link: isassidimatera.com/mappa

Matera, Basilicata – Where to sleep

If you will decide to visit Matera, the right way to overnight there is booking a room inside its ‘sassi’ or stones.

We booked Casa Vetere, a really suggestive place! These apartments (also b&b, thanks to the agreement with a bar next to them), are carved into the rock. From the video below, you can clearly see their conformation:

The environment is a bit humid, but it is normal. There are no windows clearly and the light only comes in through the front door. Our apartment was furnished in country-style, with lace, flowers and wicker baskets, which also decorate the small hidden corners.

There is a kitchen area and a table where you can eat. The flat has everything you need and, in my opinion, it’s an excellent choice for your stay in Matera.

Where to eat in Matera

First of all, for only € 4 per person (year 2015), it is possible to have breakfast at the Oimarì restaurant, just outside your room in Casa Vetere. Never eaten so well. Everything fresh, lots of choices, we were really satisfied! This place is also located inside a cave and is an excellent alternative for a dinner.

Following the advice of the owner of the accommodation, we went to ‘Le Botteghe’, where we ate local specialities very well. They treated us really well and we spent € 63.00 in total (3 people).

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