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Sicily best beaches. Where, between Syracuse and Passero Cape

My last trip to Sicily let me to discover its most beautiful villages and towns,

but also its beaches, which are particularly beautiful in the south-eastern area. They are composed by fine sand, and their colors vary from reddish to golden to white.

The beaches in the south-eastern Sicily are undoubtedly among the most beautiful of the island, also suitable for families with children, thanks to the slope of the seabed and the fact that the water is warm and often calm.

In this article we will know the most important beaches, popular and not, between the city of Syracuse and Palo Harbour of Passero Cape.

Sicily best beaches. Where, in the south-eastern area

Fontane Bianche (White Fountains)

This candy beach (the name is the same of the closest village),  is a half moon of fine white sand. It seems talc. Parking is free and near the beach although very small. In the high season the beach is particularly crowded.

Fontane Bianche is mainly an equipped beach, but you can find a few free areas. In the central part, some bars ‘pump’ music at a high volume. I do not recommend that part to families and those seeking tranquility.

Marchesa di Cassibile Beach

It’s located within a protected area and you can reach the beach via a dirt road not well indicated.

The access to this beach is not free. During the high season the parking costs € 20.00 per car and day, too expensive in my opinion. Entrance in the afternoon and in the low season allows you to spend something less.

Despite all, the Marchesa di Cassibile Beach is considered among the most beautiful beaches of south-eastern Sicily.

Cars are parked in a shady area and there is a small playground for children.

At the entrance the custodians will give you a bag for any waste.

The extraordinary beauty of the area will conquer your senses. The sand is golden and the vegetation behind it creates a wonderful natural setting. The sea water is warm, transparent and tending to emerald green.

Avola Lido

The whole coast, from Avola to Cicirata, is characterized by equipped and free beaches of reddish sand of medium grain. The beaches are scant deep but kilometers long. The parking is really close to them and often free.

spiagge sicilia sud orientale - avola borgo marina

In particular, I loved the free beach in front of Borgo Marina, where is located the ancient tonnara. The beach is free, as well as the parking and there is also a free shower. Pay attention, because the sea rescue is not ensured.

All areas are perfect for families too.

Noto Lido

The beaches of this area are very similar to the previous. Parking spaces are available along the street, but I have no idea if they are free or not. Noto Lido beaches are mostly equipped, with the presence of several bars.

Eloro Pizzuta

This is the first beach inside the Vendicari Reserve, and can be reached via the signs just outside Noto.

Parking is free and the beach is just over a 5-minute walk away.

spiagge sicilia sud orientale eloro pizzuta

Unfortunately, the bad weather didn’t allow us to fully enjoy this place, among the most beautiful beaches of south-eastern Sicily.

The surrounding context is wonderful, absolutely virgin. The hand of man doesn’t exist. The sand is reddish and partly white, the sea has fantastic colors. Of course, there are no nuances that can give a clearer backdrop, but I fell in love with it, anyway.

The sea water was warm, clean and calm, thanks to the inlet that shelters it.

Vendicari Reserve

Within this area of incredible beauty, there is one of the most famous beaches in south-eastern Sicily: Cala Mosche.

Well, we haven’t seen it.

You will find the indications (more than one) to reach it on the main road. Probably there are different access points.

In any case, it takes at least 25/30 minutes on foot, from the parking to the beach. The sun was still hot and, however, the beach in front of the beautiful Vendicari Tonnara was not bad and the view really superb. So we decided to stop here.

Just behind the sea there are some ponds, the undisputed kingdom of flamingos …. From observation hides, you can admire them in absolute silence … nothing short of amazing!

Vendicari beach could have several posidonia along the shoreline. It’s normal, and it’s all natural. Of course, the smell can be unpleasant, but the beach, although shallow, is very long. You will surely find the right place for you.

In September, admission and parking are free. For further information: www.riserva-vendicari.it/mappa-vendicari

San Lorenzo Beach

In my opinion, this beach is the most beautiful of the sicilian south-eastern coast, not for the surrounding (the Eloro Pizzuta in this case is the best), but for the sea colors.

It’s big enough, not too deep and partially equipped. So it’s possible to stay free as well. We didn’t pay the parking, maybe because it was the low season. The more comfortable access to the beach is the one closer to the parking.

If I were to come back to this part of Sicily, perhaps I would stay in this area, also for its proximity to the enchanting village of Marzamemi, which is also clearly visible from the beach.

San Lorenzo Beach is suitable for small children too, with fine white sand and a sloping seabed.

Isola delle Correnti Beach

It is the last beach we have seen. It is the most southern point of the island and also the one where the two seas meet each other. For this reason, in the middle of the sea you can see a sort of stone divider, to distinguish the Mediterranean sea from the Ionian Sea.

In the afternoon the sea was slightly rough (considering the name of the beach, i wasn’t surprised), the water was a bit cloudy, mainly for a little poseidonia. Anyway, even the beach could be a little bit cleaner.

Isola delle Correnti Beach is partly equipped, medium-grained and gold-colored sand. The area is suitable for families and parking is free (as usual, I refer to the month of September).

Well, this is the end of this article.

Time didn’t permit us to visit more, but i know that Sanpieri beach after Pachino village, as well as Arenella beach, close to Syracuse, deserve your attention. Keep in mind 😉

There are so many beaches in south-eastern Sicily. Even in August, avoiding the most famous ones, you can find some semi-deserted ones, such as the one on which our apartment was located, in Cicirata, near Avola.


Where to stay during your holiday in the south-eastern sicilian coast?

Please read the article below and follow my suggestion 🙂

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