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Burano: how to get to the most colorful italian island

isola di burano venezia

Burano Island is located in the Venetian Lagoon

together with its sisters islands Murano and Torcello.
Its colourful houses, the sheets hung out, the relaxed atmosphere and tranquillity of its narrow streets, make it very different from Venice, superb but chaotic.

It wasn’t my first time in Burano. I visited it in 2009, with Matteo, when he was 4.

Like many people do, I visited all the islands in just one day, not dedicating enough time to this surprising place, one of the most colourful of Europe.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary with my husband, I decided to go again and take my time to see every street,

square or bridge.

How to get to Burano

[by public transport (ACTV)]

This information is for those who wants to visit only Burano Island getting there by car.

As I wanted to reach the island directly, without intermediate stops, I thought to board at Treporti, a little country

beyond Venice, towards S. Donà di Piave.

Nearby you can find Punta Sabbioni and it’s possible to take the boarding from there as well.

The prices are: one way ticket € 7,50 per person; return ticket € 15,00 per person. No discounts.

If you want to visit only Burano, you can save money buying 2 one- way tickets which last 75 minutes each.

If you prefer to visit Venice too or use water bus (vaporetto) many times, you’d be better buy a daily ticket. Currently it costs 20 euro per person.

The water buses which connect Punta Sabbioni and Treporti  to Burano are the numbers 12 and 14.

isola di burano venezia

The crossing from Treporti lasts 15 minutes, from Punta Sabbioni 5 minutes more.

The boarding is once an hour, but at different times. In this way, you can find a water bus every 30 minutes.

They are always on time.

Punta Sabbioni and Treporti have both fee parking places near the dock. They are expensive, like many things

here. If you remain from 2 to 5 hours it will cost € 7,50. Less than 2 hours € 4,50, up to 9 hours € 9,50.

In any case, it’s possible to find a few free parking places 1 km far from the dock.

Download the water bus timetable by clicking on the following link: Orari Vaporetto

How to get to Burano from Venice

(without an organized tour)

You should go to San Marco-Zaccaria and take the water bus no.14. It will take 45 minutes to arrive to Burano.

As an alternative, you can go to Roma Square and take the water bus to Fondamente Nove. There, you need to

change and take the water bus no.12

What to see in Burano and why its houses are so colourful

Burano is already wonderful from the sea, with its leaning bell tower and its lovely and colourful little houses.

When you get off from the water bus, I suggest you to stroll towards whatever captures your eyes.

You can choose to enter the heart of Burano right away or to begin your visit discovering squares and narrow

streets around it, often less crowded.

burano isola venezia
Sposarsi a Burano…

You can follow the canals, or what inspires you: strong colors, little bridges, cats…Burano is a charming

place…every corner, every detail, hides a secret that you have the fortune to discover.

Searching on the net, I have read that the answer to the question “why are the Burano’s houses coloured?” could

be: in order to let the fishermen be able to recognize them from the sea in the foggy days;

but also to distinguish a family from another one: there were few inhabitants and with the same family names.

Another possibility is that most men were not often at home.

Every woman or wife had to manage everything including male works, like decorating the house walls.

It often happened that the house colour was different from the neighbour’s one so…over the years, Burano has

become a colourful and really unique city.

i merletti di buranoSurely the leaning bell tower is the main attraction of the island and the most curious too.

It was built during the XVII century. Due to the collapsing of the ground, it leans almost 2 m, precisely 1,83 m. It’s amazing!

The best location to admire its lean is from Giudecca Street, along the canal.

Burano is very famous for its laces (merletti) which are the main craftsman attraction.

There are also legends about the weaving of these masterpieces, which need at least 2-3 months of work. It’s not so easy to find a hand made piece, but in the central square there are some traditional shops where you can meet the lace maker (merlettaia) too.

In Piazzetta of Burano you can visit the Museo del Merletto (Lace Museum) and admire some unique pieces of

‘Merletto Buranello’

Where to eat in Burano

Who thinks it’s not possible to find cheap places where to eat is wrong.

In Burano you can find both ‘take away’ and charming and expensive restaurants.

The cheapest way to eat is to make a sandwich and enjoy it at the ancient fish market with view over the gorgeous Venice.

To celebrate our anniversary we chose Rivarosa Restaurant, along the canal, in Fondamenta San Marco.

I suggest you to go there for their good food and location: it’s a little bit expensive but it’s the right place for a special day.

Accommodation in Burano? Yes it’s possible

You can find a few bed&breakfast and home holidays, on booking.com as well.

My suggestion is to consult the Burano site too, for some additional information.

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